Sunday, February 27, 2011

Consolidated Tips 19 January through 10 February 2011

Consolidated Tips from the first day I starting posting them on my personal  Facebook page, until the day the Tip of the Day by Andrea Estevez webpage blog was created.

19 January - When you are having a sad day, put on a nice warm hat. The coziness will make you feel better.

20 January - Don't eat yellow snow.

21 January - If she is still in this world, call your mother. It matters.

22 January - A bad attitude is the coffee breath of the working world. Slap an Altoid on it.

23 January - To decide where to go next, you must first know where you are. That information is not on Mapquest.

24 January - There is no short answer to the question "Why are you such a doofus?" Don't bother asking me.

25 January - Unsolicited parenting advice is rarely welcomed. Resist the urge to give it.

26 January - A vest-like knitted tunic is NOT a sweater. When it's 5 degrees, wear some sleeves!

27 January - When someone says "Try it, you'll like it!" And you do - but you SO don't - it's okay to punch that person.

28 January - Conversations that begin "Can I tell you something?" make people nervous. Use this to your advantage.

29 January - Shopping for a witty retort? Leave "That's what she said!" in the discount bin. It is way past the expiration date.

30 January - When listing all the reasons not to do something, turn it into the question "Why not?" You might have more fun that way.

31 January - Music invites the spirit. Listen and let the love enfold you.

1 February - When asked "Is this seat taken?" the polite response is rarely "Who wants to know?"

2 February - Living life's adventures vicariously is not the same as experiencing them firsthand. It's also not as expensive.

3 February - The slacker-daisical ways of others do not justify a lack of effort on your part. Life isn't graded on the curve!

4 February - When pre-school children ask difficult questions on topics about which you know nothing, feel free to make up answers. Your confident responses bolster their sense of security.

5 February - A self-satisfied smirk is the domain of the smug. On everyone else, it just looks silly.

6 February - Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck. Or not. But you will have a penny you didn't have to work for.

7 February - If you love someone, set him free, or at least post his bail. If he comes back, he's yours. If not, sic a bounty hunter on his sorry ass.

8 February - In the copier room of life, be the one who refills the paper tray when no one is looking.

9 February - When one is struggling, encouragement from a friend can tip the scale from "nearly hopeless" to "cautiously optimistic." Weigh in with a kind word today.

10 February - Be prepared to answer when opportunity knocks. Keep your resume' and your passport current.

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